Savannah DC – Completion July 1, 2024

We are excited to announce the completion of our new Savannah, GA distribution center on July 1, 2024. This state-of-the-art facility spans 760,000 square feet with:

  • 132 Cross Dock Doors 
  • 55,000 Pallet Positions 
  • Proximity: 24 Miles to Port, 2.5 miles to Hyundai EV Megaplant 
  • Operation Hours: 24/7 Receiving, 24/7 Komar Drayage Services
  • Temperature Controlled Environment: Ensuring associate comfort and retention 
  • Located at: 2119 Oracal Parkway Ellabell, GA 31308

Our new center enhances our 3pl logistics services, providing unparalleled efficiency and proximity to key locations, making it one of the top 3pl companies in the region. This facility is a significant addition to logistics companies in Savannah, GA, and a key player in Savannah logistics.

Savannah DC Capabilities - August 2024

Our Savannah DC offers extensive 3pl fulfillment services starting August 2024, including:

  • Cross Dock: Carton and Pallet Processing 
  • Transloading 
  • Kitting and Value-Added Services 
  • Foreign Trade Zone Benefits 
  • 24/7 Komar Drayage Trucking 
  • Intelligent Order Profile Management: Regardless of SKU count and quantity 

Our new center enhances our 3pl logistics services, providing unparalleled efficiency and proximity to key locations, making it one of the top 3pl companies in the region. This facility is a significant addition to logistics companies in Savannah, GA, and a key player in Savannah logistics.

Q1 2025

  • T SORT Pick and Pack 
  • eCommerce 
  • Small Parcel Shipping / Rate and Service Optimization 

Our comprehensive third-party logistics services are designed to support specific industries such as Apparel, Footwear, Beauty and Personal Care, Technology and Gadgets, Sports and Leisure, Pet Supplies, Automotive, and Furniture with efficiency and precision. Our capabilities make us a top choice for logistics companies in Georgia and a leader in logistics and distribution services. 

Robotic Advantages for E-Commerce and Pick/Pack Orders

We utilize advanced robotics to provide:

  • Shorter Lead Times: Automation reduces order processing time. 
  • Scalable: Adaptable to changing demands. 
  • High-Speed Fulfillment: Boosts efficiency, reducing order processing time with a peak capacity of 60,000 units daily. 
  • Precision: Minimizes errors, improves order accuracy, with 100% On Time SLA achievement. 

This makes us a leader in ecommerce fulfillment services, ensuring your products reach customers faster and more accurately.

Savannah DC Capabilities

  • Peak Daily Receiving Capacity: 30 containers 
  • Reserve Storage: 55,000 Pallets 
  • Peak Daily Capacity: 20,000 cases labeled, staged, routed, and shipped 
  • Intelligent Order Profile Management: Regardless of SKU count and quantity

Our 3pl warehousing solutions are designed to handle high volumes efficiently, making us a preferred third-party logistics provider and a standout among logistics warehouses.

Foreign Trade Zone Benefits

Since 2016, Komar Distribution has saved millions of dollars in interest and processing fees through our FTZ benefits:

  • Duty Deferral: Customs duties and federal excise tax are deferred on imports until they leave the zone. No limit on the length of time merchandise may remain within the Zone.
  • Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) Reduction: FTZ Users can file a single entry for all goods shipped in a consecutive seven-day period. MPF fees are charged at 0.3464% of the Total Estimated Value (TEV) of the shipment, with a minimum fee of $25 and a maximum fee of $485 per entry. 
  • Streamlined Logistics: Direct delivery to an FTZ upon Customs approval. Users can also break and affix Customs seals with a single entry for seven consecutive days’ worth of entries and exports. 
  • Other Benefits: Better inventory control and security, reduced transportation costs, and lower insurance costs due to improved security and reduced duty payable on FTZ merchandise. 

Our foreign trade zone benefits significantly enhance our third-party logistics services and position us as a leader in logistics outsourcing. 

Komar Drayage Services Benefits

Komar Drayage Services offers:

  • Efficient Turnaround Times: Minimize waiting times and rollovers with 24/7 off-peak service. 
  • Advanced Technology Integration: Real-time tracking and automation for better visibility and operations. 
  • Owned Chassis Pool: Flexible operations for varying demands. 
  • Strong Network and Partnerships: Solid terminal relationships for seamless operations. 
  • Clear Communication: Timely updates for informed customers. 
  • Experienced Staff: Skilled team for smooth operations. 
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored answers for unique logistical needs.

Our drayage services are a crucial component of our 3pl logistic solutions, ensuring efficient transportation and delivery. We are a preferred logistics trucking company in Savannah.

Komar Supply Chain Management

Our Logistic Services division collaborates with ACS and INFOR TMS to forge an integrated supply chain management ecosystem, offering:

  • Visibility Across the Supply Chain: Monitor shipments in real-time and identify potential disruptions before they become major issues.
  • Collaboration: Bring stakeholders onto a single platform. Shippers, carriers, suppliers, and other partners collaborate in real-time, enhancing communication and decisions. 
  • Cost Control: Optimize transportation expense, routes, and modes, achieving significant cost savings including auditing, settlement, and error detection in billing. 
  • Flexibility: Responds to industry needs and changing business requirements. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: Advanced analytics help businesses identify trends, understand performance metrics, and make informed decisions. 
  • Custom Solutions: For unique logistical needs including ERP and WMS integration. 

Our supply chain management services are designed to provide top-notch third-party logistics solutions for industries like Beauty and Personal Care, Technology and Gadgets, Sports and Leisure, Pet Supplies, and Furniture. We are recognized as a leading logistics provider, our goal is to make KDS Savannah the top logistics company Savannah. 

Service Level Excellence

  • Order Fill Rate: 99.95% 
  • Inventory Accuracy: 99.95% 
  • Chargeback Compliance: 99.93% 
  • On Time Shipping: 99.98% 

A proprietary production planning system significantly improves on-time shipments and customer satisfaction compared to the industry. We pride ourselves on being one of the best 3pl companies nationally, providing exceptional service level excellence and will quickly become a leading logistics service provider in Savannah. 

Culture of Excellence

  • Expertise: Deep expertise serving 500 Retailers in 50 product categories. 
  • E-commerce: 1P/3P E-Commerce.

Our commitment to excellence makes us a leading third-party logistics company in the industry and soon to be a standout among logistics companies Savannah GA.

Distribution & Supply Chain Technology

  • Operating Systems: Best in class systems including Manhattan, Tompkins Robotics, Extensiv, EasyMetrics, Optislot, Infor/GT Nexus, PortPro, TradeLink, Integration Point, All Port Cargo Services, and CGS/Blue Cherry. 
  • Technology and Innovation: Integrates systems and data with business operations.

We leverage advanced supply chain technology to deliver top-tier third-party logistics services.

IT Infrastructure

  • Data Protection: Defense in Depth Data Protection.
  • Redundancy: 3X Data Redundancy and Connectivity. 
  • Infrastructure: Reliable and optimized next-generation wireless infrastructure. 
  • Service Availability: IT Service Availability 99.99%. 
  • Security Practices: ISO 27001 Security Practices. 
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: ISO 27031. 
  • Certified Staff: Highly certified world-class IT staff.

Our robust IT infrastructure supports our extensive 3pl services, ensuring reliability and security. 

Customer Service and Managing Inventory

At KDS, we prioritize customer service by providing tailored solutions that address specific customer demands. Our team excels in managing inventory to ensure that the right products are available at the right time, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Our distribution center operations are designed to handle diverse sales channels, offering pick, pack, and ship options that streamline the fulfillment process for ecommerce businesses. 

Cost Savings and Long-Term Partnerships

Our logistics services are focused on delivering cost savings through efficient warehouse operations and optimized supply chain operations. We aim to build long-term partnerships with our clients, offering reverse logistics and other services to support their ecommerce platform needs. Our warehouse space is designed to accommodate the growing demands of ecommerce businesses, ensuring that we can fulfill and ship orders accurately and efficiently. 

Komar 3PL Services and Sales Channels

As a leading 3pl company, we offer comprehensive services including warehouse operations, pick pack and ship, and managing inventory to meet the needs of our clients. Our logistics operations are designed to support multiple sales channels, ensuring that products are delivered efficiently and accurately. Our commitment to providing top-tier 3pl services makes us a preferred partner for ecommerce businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations.